We Move Through Stormy Weather Episode 26 – The Moma Dance with Megan Glionna

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For this episode of We Move Through Stormy Weather, I am joined by Megan Glionna! Megan has been listening to and thinking about music for as long as she can remember. After falling in love with the Grateful Dead in high school, she remembers being handed Rift on cassette in 1994 and being blown away. Ever since Megan has been seeing Phish, collecting memories and dancing endlessly. In 2021, she joined the Helping Friendly Podcast as a co-host and loves talking Phish with fellow Phish nerds, interviewing musicians and recording live podcasts at Osiris Media Live events. Megan is also a teacher and a writer, most recently published in JamBase. She lives with her family in Brooklyn, NY. Listen in as we go in-depth on our favourite versions of The Moma Dance and more!


Ryan’s Pick: 8/12/22 Alpine Valley

Megan’s Pick: 7/3/16 SPAC


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