Chapter 4: Showtime! Festivals, Dozens, and Gags. Oh My!

It’s showtime folks! Each Phish show is different and unique, and obsessed fans are detail driven die hards. Our hosts break down a standard Phish show for the newcomers, as well as dive deep into their regular “irregular” events. 

From their summer mega-festivals to their New Year’s Eve spectaculars, Halloween costumes and residences at Madison Square Garden, Phish’s creativity and adventurousness remains unparalleled, and Mike and Mike take you front row for all the action. Tom Marshall shares a slew of hilarious never before heard memories from the wee hours of Clifford Ball, Phish’s first festival. 

Interviews include Tom Marshall and Mike’s personal recordings.

Still Chasing is produced by Osiris Media. Executive Producers are Mike Finoia and Michael Shields. Art by Liz Bee of Liz Bee Art & Design. 

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