Trends and Innovations in Music & Tech

We’re excited to feature 4 guests on this episode, where we’re sharing some of the latest trends and innovations in music & tech. Our guests this week are:

Jesse Kirshbaum – Dreamstage 

Jesse Kirshbaum is an American entrepreneur, talent agent, author, executive producer and dealmaker. The multi-hyphenate creative businessman has made his career focused on the epicenter of entertainment, technology, and brand marketing. He writes and curates Beats & Bytes, one of the premiere weekly newsletters in entertainment and the biggest music newsletter on LinkedIn. His writing is published all across the web, and Jesse has regular featured appearances on platforms such as Cheddar, Yahoo Finance, NASDAQ and frequently participles in the podcast circuit. Kirshbaum was recently hired as the CMO of Dreamstage, a revolutionary music livestreaming company, and currently resides in Miami, Florida.

Clayton Durant – CAD Management

Clayton is the founder of CAD Management, an entertainment consulting company that focuses on event, tour, and strategic management for indie artists and brands. Clayton currently contributes to Entrepreneur and has written for Hypebot, SynchTank, CelebrityAccess, and The Hype Magazine. Additionally, Clayton has been featured in publications like CNBC, Business Insider, DigiDay, Footwear News, Fortune, Nasdaq Trade Talks, USA Today, The Recording Academy, Mashable, Inc. Magazine, Billboard, Music Business Worldwide, and Reuters.


Khee Lee – Kiswe

Khee Lee is the Chief Marketing Officer at Kiswe, the award-winning interactive video company that has delivered the world’s largest digital pay-per-view events. Khee is a startup veteran having held senior positions at multiple startups including Active Health Management, a healthcare analytics startup that was acquired by Aetna. He has been a guest speaker at the Harvard Business School Startup Studio, NFL Players startup symposium, and many other startup forums. Khee is currently a venture Partner at ERA: The largest startup accelerator in NYC. Khee also spent nearly a decade at Google where he was head of agency business development.


Mikhael Porter – Needle Music

Mikhael Porter is a third-generation entrepreneur who lives in Miami and grew up in San Francisco. After graduating from the University of Colorado, he worked as a real estate broker in both California and Florida before starting a luxury tequila and mezcal business with a close family friend. Once the pandemic hit, he took a step back and had time to explore what he was truly passionate about. Through organic conversations with friends about wishing that there was an easier way to find and share music, he brought together Shane and Wyatt, to pursue this vision and build Needle Music. They have been working tirelessly to build the product of their dreams since then and have never looked back! The growing Needle Music community is one that fosters positivity and connection through the only universal language: music.

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