Spot Lyte On – Incub8next

Incub8next, a collaborative incubator project, has launched to help people and projects from underserved communities reach their full potential. Recognizing the need for tech development projects for people who have not had access to the resources, capital, connections, and experience needed to launch companies, Incub8next will work to insure that innovation knows no bounds for those in need of help getting off the ground.

The Incub8next team comes from many different perspectives, with key leadership from co-founder Arabian Prince, founding member of legendary rap group NWA and a longtime tech entrepreneur himself. He has teamed with Paul Hershenson, co-founder of the innovative software development firm Art+Logic, Matthew Walk, a pharmacist and health-tech expert, and Aj Kang, a DJ and marketing maven, to form the core of Incub8next. The team hopes to supply the experience, technology, and tech know-how to seed the future of social impact technology.

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