Spot Lyte On…David Goldberg – Advisor at TPG Global

David Goldberg is an entertainment pioneer who’s innovated ticketing, sports viewing and betting, digital music, and entertainment investments. He sat down with Lyte’s Chief Revenue Officer, Lawrence Peryer in January 2020 at Germano Studio in NYC to talk about his career.

David shares his experiences at Ticketmaster, Sportvision,, and TPG Global.

David got his start working at JAM Productions in Chicago booking shows for  one of the largest promoters in the country. He worked at Ticketmaster and helped them begin selling tickets online through AOL. At Sportvision he worked with the team that developed sports viewing technology that created a viewable strike zone, first down markers, the glow puck on television. And that’s just a taste of the conversation.

He shares his experiences and ideas about the future of entertainment in this conversation with Lawrence. 

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