Spot Lyte On…Dan Runcie founder of Trapital Media

In this episode, Lawrence Peryer shines the “spot lyte” on Dan Runcie, founder of Trapital Media. They talk about the genesis of Trapital and talk through a few hip hop case studies including Travis Scott, Jay-Z, Kanye, and others. 

Trapital is written exclusively by Dan Runcie. For years, Dan was a go-to source among friends about any and everything related to hip-hop. That led Dan to start his own personal blog to see what others thought. Those stories landed him freelance gigs at publications such as WIRED, Pigeons & Planes, Medium, and several other publications. 

I started Trapital in 2018 and started working on it full-time in 2019. I have lived in San Francisco, California for the past five years.

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