Isabella Kelly – Kingdom of Mind

Kingdom of Mind, founded by Isabella Kelly, is an event production and promotions business. Kelly’s past promotions work has focused on secondary/tertiary markets in California and will be expanding moving forward to the Pacific Northwest. Kelly has produced benefit concerts as well as events for universities and colleges. The focus of Kingdom of Mind is to curate unique events that bring talent to cities they might not have visited on a typical tour route. 

She was awarded a Women Nation Fund grant from Live Nation. The Women Nation Fund continues to accept applications on a rolling basis. To learn more about the Women Nation Fund or to apply, please visit

Isabella recently launched a podcast too where she holds conversations with music and entertainment professionals exploring the mentality and journey of individuals who are doing what they love everyday. Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

You can follow what Isabella is up to with Kingdom of Mind on Twitter, Instagram, and on Facebook


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