Best of Spot Lyte On – Marco Collins

We’ve put the “Gone Fishing” sign up here at Spot Lyte On… as we wrap up Season 6 and get things ready for the next one. But that doesn’t mean we want you to miss out on your weekly dose of LP’s conversations with his fascinating guests. So we’ll be featuring a few “best of” Spot Lyte On… episodes over the next few weeks. 

Marco Collins is a Seattle radio personality best known as the flagship DJ and Music Director at Seattle’s 107.7 ‘The End’ during the 1990s grunge explosion which landed him a spot in The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.  Although he worked at a number of radio stations on the West Coast, VH1, and several record labels/management teams, the role he played in the 90s is what made Seattle synonymous with grunge music. Marco was instrumental in breaking artists such as Nirvana, Beck, Weezer, The Presidents of the United States of America, Foo Fighters, Garbage, and Harvey Danger. He also championed little-known bands, often being the one to break them into the mainstream. The bands that Marco broke went on to international stardom, which helped establish him as one of music’s most influential tastemakers. 

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