Best of Spot Lyte On – Jeeyoon Kim

We’ve put the “Gone Fishing” sign up here at Spot Lyte On… as we wrap up Season 6 and get things ready for the next one. But that doesn’t mean we want you to miss out on your weekly dose of LP’s conversations with his fascinating guests. So we’ll be featuring a few “best of” Spot Lyte On… episodes over the next few weeks.

Classical pianist, podcaster, educator, and writer, Jeeyoon Kim joins LP in this episode from season 5 to talk about her many creative endeavors.

Award-winning classical pianist Jeeyoon Kim has delighted audiences across the U.S. and around the world with her sparkling combination of sensitive artistry, broad emotional range, impeccable technique, and uniquely engaging and innovative concert experiences. She’s performed everywhere from Carnegie Hall to her fans’ living rooms during a live-streamed series that Jeeyoon launched during the pandemic. She recently launched a fast-growing new podcast dedicated to helping people of all musical tastes and backgrounds discover the beauty of classical music. Journey through Classical Piano delivers 15-minute episodes that feature concert-like musical experiences and in-depth exploration of classical compositions, hosted by Jeeyoon. Jeeyoon also has a new book that just came out called “Whenever You’re Ready.”

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