Best of Spot Lyte On – Dr. Richard Brent Turner, PHD

We’ve put the “Gone Fishing” sign up here at Spot Lyte On… as we wrap up Season 6 and get things ready for next one. But that doesn’t mean we want you to miss out on your weekly dose of LP’s conversations with his fascinating guests. So we’ll be featuring a few “best of” Spot Lyte On… episodes over the next few weeks. 

This week’s episode comes from Season 5 and features Dr. Richard Brent Turner, Professor in the Department of Religious Studies and the African American Studies Program at the University of Iowa. He is the author of Jazz Religion, The Second Line, and Black New Orleans, New Edition, and Islam in the African-American Experience. 

Turner is a 2020 American Council of Learned Societies Fellow.Dr. Turner joined the University of Iowa faculty in 2001 and holds appointments in Department of Religious Studies, African American Studies Program, and International Programs.

His research program focuses on twentieth-century and contemporary African-American religious history and African diaspora religions in the Black Atlantic world. He is especially interested in the following areas: Islam in the United States; religion and music in New Orleans, before and after Hurricane Katrina; Vodou in the United States and Haiti; interactions between African-American religion and popular music — jazz, soul, and hip hop; black nationalism and religion; African-American religion and human rights; ethnography; urban religious experience; and globalization and transnationalism.

Dr. Turner is currently working on a book project on African-American religion and music in the 1960s. He is a member of  American Academy of Religion, American Anthropological Association, Association for Africanist Anthropology, and is on the board of directors of KOSANBA, an international scholarly association for the study of Haitian Vodou.

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