Three Song Set with Tony Kamel and Kelley Mickwee

We take a trip south and west to the Lone Star State for this episode on two great songwriters comparing notes on each other’s latest music, and reaching for a mutual favorite from western North Carolina to talk about in our Three Song Set with Tony Kamel and Kelley Mickwee.

You may remember Tony from our previous episode with his Austin band, Wood & Wire. You can find their episode Grass That Goes Against the Grain here. Kelley was a Shiny Soul Sister in Shinyribs until recently, when she went back to releasing music under her own name for the first time in seven years. She also sang on Tony’s song “Who Am I Kidding?” which she profiles here. Tony picked up on her new single “Boomtown To Bust”, while they both talk about their love for the band Town Mountain’s song “Texas/New Mexico Line” going all the way back to their 2008 album Heroes & Heretics (they were profiled on this series in a 2019 episode here).

Tony Kamel in the recording studio

Kelley Mickwee

Songs heard in this episode:

“Who Am I Kidding?” by Tony Kamel from Back Down Home, excerpt

“Boomtown To Bust” by The Kelley Mickwee, excerpt

“Texas/New Mexico Line” by Town Mountain from Heroes & Heretics, excerpt

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