The Power of Quiet Harmony: Leaning In With Jamestown Revival

Discovering something unusual or unexpected is one of the constant rewards of conversation with artists. In the case of Jamestown Revival, there was the pleasant surprise of finding out that Jonathan Clay is a real deal rancher, and that both Jonathan and Zach Chance are avid fans of Tiki culture. Add to that something in common: both Jonathan and I have run away from an enraged steer and have been thrown off of a horse (in my case, a pony). Neither of us are fans of charging bovines, and Jonathan still does not relish riding horses.

Discovering the music of Jamestown Revival’s fourth album Young Man is a pleasant surprise as well: having brought in an outside for the first time (fellow Texan Robert Ellis) and opting for an all acoustic setting for its ten songs, the duo brought their already potent harmonies to a new level. Their songs are as good as ever, too, reflecting a period of isolation and contemplation, lending the collection a feel of exquisite melancholy. Zachary and Jonathan talk about their new album and working with “guitar scientist” Robert Ellis, about how their harmonies are augmented by going acoustic, the horrifying experience and resulting injury from Jonathan’s incident with the steer, why now is such a great time to be a creative, and much more, including music from Young Man.

Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance are Jamestown Revival

Songs heard in this episode:

“Slow It Down” by Jamestown Revival from Young Man

“Coyote” by Jamestown Revival from Young Man, excerpt

“Old Man Looking Back” by Jamestown Revival from Young Man, excerpt

“Young Man” by Jamestown Revival from Young Man

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