The Challenge of a Life Beyond Outlaw Country: Jeremy Pinnell

Have you ever thought about what motivated George Mallory, the early 20th century mountaineer? He was either the first or almost the first person to climb Mount Everest (he died up there, so we do not know), and is the person to answer to the question of why he wanted to do it with the famous reply, “Because it’s there”. Mallory is a real life example of a personality type shared with popular characters like The Mandalorian and Sherlock Holmes, both of whom despise being idle, and who regularly take on what may seem like impossible tasks. The answer to the question of the root of their motivation partly lies in the personality of our guest in this episode, Jeremy Pinnell. Like Mallory, Holmes and The Mandalorian, Pinnell needs a suitable challenge to get up out of bed every morning. Whether that is practicing mixed martial arts, being a husband and father or carving out a career in the unforgiving landscape of the modern music industry, he seems to find himself most comfortable in settings filled with high degrees of difficulty. Find out about his life story and his remarkable third album in this episode of Southern Songs and Stories.

Jeremy Pinnell

Songs heard in this episode:

“Fightin’ Man” by Jeremy Pinnell, from Goodby L.A., excerpt

“Joey” by Jeremy Pinnell, excerpt

“Want To Do Something” by Jeremy Pinnell, from Goodbye L.A., excerpt

“Cryin’” by Jeremy Pinnell, from Goodbye L.A., excerpt

“Goodbye L.A.” by Jeremy Pinnell, from Goodbye L.A

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