Pilot Episode Gets A Makeover

While we have been quiet here lately on southernsongsandstories.com, our documentary work has continued steadily, as we have rethought the first video, going on more shoots to add footage while culling some scenes and using some footage and songs that were not included before.

Videographer and editor Tony Preston and myself have added scenes with Aaron Burdett at his home in Saluda, NC and with Scott Woody and Ty Gilpin at Isis Restaurant and Music Hall in Asheville, NC. I have written a narrative thread that ties the newer and older scenes together, working to draw out who Aaron is as an artist and person, and introducing some key people around him while keeping the western NC region and culture in focus. We have spent days upon days to arrive at a show that runs about 25 minutes long, and while it has been a demanding process, it has been invigorating all the same. After spending three or four hours at a time watching a computer screen and reading narration in a sound booth, it is a wonderful feeling to know that we got what we wanted.

While the rough edits are all done, the title sequence remains. I’m excited to bring photographer and writer Daniel Coston in to help us create this key piece of the documentary. Once we have the show completed, we will work to screen it throughout the region, beginning the process of finding Southern Songs and Stories a home.

Stay tuned as we wrap up our documentary on Aaron, and drop us a line if you would like to know more about the project. Onward! – Joe Kendrick