Jon Stickley Trio’s “Rice Dream” Medley

Here  is another video of the Jon Stickley Trio playing at Spring Skunk Fest  2017. It starts with “Rice Dream” and folds  into “Never Stop” & “Della’s Walk”, with some neat effects courtesy of filmmaker Aaron Morrell. It’s a mesmerizing medley which covers the gamut of influences for the band. Tony Rice, Bela Fleck, Shark Quest, Aaron Copland anyone?

We’re working on more footage from the Trio to go along with their extensive, engaging interview, as well as more episodes of Joe’s companion podcast. There is a wealth of great material to draw from and we look forward to presenting it to you here.

Thanks very much for  everyone who enjoys what we’re doing at Southern Songs and Stories,  for helping spread awareness, and especially for our patrons . And a big thanks to the Jon Stickley Trio, to Zig and everyone at the Albino Skunk Farm!