Fiddlin’ Femmes: Della Mae and Sister Sadie

Half a century ago, one of the first all-female bluegrass bands gave us the genre’s first album played exclusively by women; their banjo player’s mother was embarrassed about her daughter’s choice of profession. It was only fifty years or so after the passage of the 19th Amendment, after all.

Today, there are more all-female bluegrass and roots music bands, but they remain an exception. Join us as we talk with two of the best: the newgrass oriented quintet Della Mae, and the more high lonesome minded five piece Sister Sadie. Both groups have a range of generations in their ranks, and plenty of experience with taking on hurdles that female artists of every age still face all these years after Buffalo Gals took those first steps on their shared paths.

Della Mae (standing) and Sister Sadie (sitting)

In this episode, we talk in wide ranging conversations ranging from songwriting, collaborations, covers and solo projects, to keeping both themselves and their audiences fully engaged, and we sample some of their latest music throughout. You will hear what both have in store for the coming year as well, which  includes being part of the lineup of the 2nd annual Earl Scruggs Music Festival on Labor Day weekend in Tryon, North Carolina.

Songs heard in this episode:

“Raleigh’s Ride” by Sister Sadie, from Sister Sadie II

“Dry Town” by Della Mae, from Family Reunion, excerpt

“Diane” by Sister Sadie, excerpt

“Something You Didn’t Count On” by Jaelee Roberts, from Something You Didn’t Count On, excerpt

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