Favorite Outtakes of 2021: Corrie Askew

Every episode of Southern Songs and Stories finds its way onto public radio WNCW, albeit in a condensed form. Corrie Askew produces a radio version of each show to fit within the eight minutes that it reaches FM listeners on alternating Tuesday mornings (Down the Road on the Blue Ridge Music Trails and American Songcatcher air on the other Tuesdays). Because there is so much material that cannot fit into either version of the show, many great moments have to be left behind. Corrie Askew, who also produces and hosts WNCW’s bluegrass and old-time show Mountain Mornings 6-7AM Sunday through Friday, proposed that it would be a great idea to feature some of her favorite moments of the series from last year which never made it onto the podcast or WNCW. In this special episode, Corrie goes to unheard portions of interviews with Amanda Anne Platt, Amythyst Kiah, Dom Flemons and Esther Rose for this mini-retrospective of 2021.

Amythyst Kiah close up 8-22-20.JPG

Esther Rose.jpg

Dom at Earl Scruggs Center 2021.JPG

Amanda Anne Platt.jpeg

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