Episode 2: On The Road With The Honeycutters

It was the closest thing to being in a band that I have experienced. From late April to early June, I logged over 1500 miles traveling to The Honeycutters’ shows, to interviews and Moonlight Mile studio, where the episode was produced. I would wake up with Amanda Anne Platt’s songs in my head, and work many a late night on promoting the crowd funding campaign to raise money for the production. My partner Tony Preston was working plenty of overtime as well, with the bulk of it in the editing room at Moonlight Mile. It was a vivid and intense six weeks, and it was great fun.

At the end, we sat on a stockpile of footage: sixty hours’ worth, easy. To distill that into a half-hour episode was no small feat, but all that video gave us such an abundance of choices that we got to pick out the choicest gems from the mine of material. It would be easy to make an hour-long episode on The Honeycutters, and perhaps we will someday. 

The episode begins with Amanda and yours truly taking a walk in one of her favorite spots, the graveyard behind her house. It’s a place where she can reflect and relax while enjoying the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Our walk in the graveyard is the thread that weaves through the episode and tells Amanda’s story. Of all the conversations that we had with her, these were the ones that revealed her spirit the best. We were lucky that her brother Andrew was visiting that day as well, and their time on camera was too good to pass up. 

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we do. Wish us luck as we continue our endeavor with this series and start work on the next show!