An Amalgamation Of Lineage and Style With Zoe & Cloyd

They call it “Klezgrass”. Taking equal parts bluegrass and klezmer, husband and wife duo Zoe & Cloyd use fusion as their north star to guide their musical direction on their latest collection Songs Of Our Grandfathers. John Cloyd Miller and Natalya Weinstein’s fifth album draws from songs associated with John’s grandfather Jim Shumate, the fiddle player known for his time with Bill Monroe and Flatt & Scruggs, and Natalya’s grandfather David Weinstein, a professional klezmer musician.

In this episode, John Cloyd Miller and Natalya Weinstein talk about the concept of their new collection, the importance of harmony to their sound and more, plus we welcome WNCW’s jazz host Roland Dierauf, as we dive into the world of old-time, bluegrass and klezmer music, featuring new music from Zoe & Cloyd, and sampling a famous jazz fusion record along the way as well.

John Cloyd Miller and Natalya Weinstein (photo By Sarah Johnston Photography)

Songs heard in this episode:

“Bei Mir Bistu Sheyn” by Zoe & Cloyd, from Songs From Our Grandfathers

“On the Corner” by Miles Davis, from On the Corner, excerpt

“Up and At ‘Em” by Zoe & Cloyd, from Songs Of Our Grandfathers, excerpt

“We’ll Meet Again Sweetheart” by Zoe & Cloyd, from Songs Of Our Grandfathers

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