Nicole Atkins


In this episode, singer-songwriter Nicole Atkins joins Maggie to talk about how she put together the band and the music for her latest record, Italian Ice, and the creative projects she’s been working on during the pandemic. Nicole tells Maggie about the early days of her career and the major life transitions behind songs like Goodnight Rhonda Lee, explains how she stays connected to her Jersey roots, and reminisces about WHTG, the local NJ radio station that she grew up on.

In each song she creates, Nicole Atkins reveals her incredible power to transport listeners to a much more charmed time and space. On Italian Ice, the New Jersey-bred singer/songwriter conjures the romance and danger and wild magic of a place especially close to her heart: the Jersey Shore in all its scrappy beauty. Inspired by the boardwalk’s many curiosities—the crumbling Victorian mansions, the legendary funhouse, the Asbury Park rock-and-roll scene she played a key part in reviving—Atkins transforms her never-ending fascination into a wonderland of her own making.


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