Melissa Etheridge


Legendary Melissa Etheridge joins Maggie on this episode and things get deep very quickly. Maggie and Melissa talk about loss, navigating through illness, and how critical it is to talk openly about difficult things. Melissa discusses the work she’s doing through her foundation, along with the many other organizations she supports. She revisits her early days, when she was discovered by Chris Blackwell, and explains her approach to performing without ego, but with confidence.


Melissa Etheridge is one of rock music’s great female icons. Her critically acclaimed eponymous debut album was certified double platinum. Etheridge’s popularity built around such memorable songs as “Bring Me Some Water,” “No Souvenirs” and “Ain’t It Heavy” for which she won her first Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal. Etheridge hit her commercial and artistic stride with her fourth album, Yes I Am, featuring the massive hits “I’m the Only One” and “Come to My Window,” a searing song of longing that brought her a second Grammy.


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