Singer-songwriter Erin Rae joins Maggie on this episode to talk about her new album Lighten Up, which has been called “a timeless amalgam of classic pop, cosmic country and indie rock”. Erin tells Maggie about the inspiration behind the songs on the album, which capture newfound self awareness and offer commentary on some of the issues we’re currently grappling with as a society. Erin and Maggie discuss the recording process and what inspired the lush, Laurel Canyon-esque sound on the album, as well as her experience growing up in the South and the impact it has had on her career.

Nashville singer/songwriter Erin Rae and her group the Meanwhiles emerged in 2012 with a sound rooted in dreamy indie folk, Americana, and ’70s pop/rock. Rae issued her minimalist solo debut, Putting on Airs, in 2018, followed in 2022 by the dynamic, retro-pop, and country-leaning Lighten Up.

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