Elizabeth Cook


In this special episode of Salute the Songbird singer, songwriter and radio host Elizabeth Cook joins Maggie for a live episode. Elizabeth and Maggie discuss Elizabeth’s journey as a country singer in Nashville, how she turned adversity into songwriting inspiration, and what it’s like to perform at The Grand Ole Opry over 400 times.

Elizabeth Cook has lived the country music lifestyle since she was a toddler. Her mother was a “hillbilly singer” from West Virginia, and her father was a moonshiner who played upright bass in a prison band. Cook began her musical career with The Blue Album in 2000, and was picked up by Atlantic Records for her 2002 release, Hey Y’all. She eventually requested to be released from the label so that she could stay true to her artistic agenda, and did exactly that, going on to release 5 stellar studio albums since she left Atlantic.  


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