Saint Disruption Podcast – Michaela Kabat / Rising Appalachia

The good folks from the highly respected No Simple Road podcast ( are featured as guest hosts to honor the power of poetry and music when brought together in the spirit of collaboration. Our aspiration is to provide a platform for young visionaries to share their works and engage in deep dialogue with thought-leaders of their choice. 

In this pilot episode, poet Michaela Kabat premieres her poem “Land of the Free” scored by John Medeski and Jeff Firewalker Schmitt. She explores topics of social justice, media overwhelm, and isolation with the hosts. Chloe Smith and Leah Song from Rising Appalachia join the conversation about the power and process of poetry and spoken word.

Hosted by: Melanie Schafer, Aaron Schafer, Jimi Apple of No Simple Road

Poet: Michaela Kabat

Musicians: John Medeski, Jeff Firewalker Schmitt

Luminaries: Chloe Smith and Leah Song from Rising Appalachia

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