Redemption Song Chapter 4: “Life is One Big Road (Lots of Signs)”

In Chapter 4 “Life is One Big Road,” We join Henry K for a day in the life of a young Reggae Producer…from Jamaica’s iconic record shops to his de facto headquarters at Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Music. The road he travels, is about to get much bigger, when Bob Marley’s daughter makes Henry an offer he can’t refuse.

Rootsland Returns On March 14, with the second half of Season 5

Closing Credits “Life is One Big Road” Tenor Saw courtesy of Orchard Music

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Rootsland is produced by Henry K Productions Inc. in association with Voice Boxx Studios in Kingston, Jamaica.

Guest Vocals by:  Patrick “Curly Loxx” Gaynor, Adam “Teacha” Barnes , Sia

music production and sound design by Henry K

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