Exodus Chapter 4: “Living Dangerously”

Henry learns that being in the game, means getting to know the players. One of the most important job qualifications at Island was having a rich father who was friends with the owner. Fortunate sons like Billy D an arrogant white Jamaican screw up , with a dark personality and an unhealthy obsession with dancehall music’s seedy underworld was just one of many characters at the office. On a dark New York City afternoon all Henry can see is Sunshine in Soho, as he develops an instant crush on the beautiful woman who runs the Island Trading Retail store.

Rootsland is produced by Henry K Productions Inc. in association with Voice Boxx Studios in Kingston, Jamaica.

Introduction by:  Michelle “Kim” Yamaguchi

Guest Vocals by:  Patrick “Curly Loxx” Gaynor Adam “Teacha” Barnes

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