Ep 6-Mark Filoramo- Contact- The Quest for the Black Circle

In this episode Dawneebee hosts and welcomes back co-host Merry. We interview Mark Filoramo, the music Director at Ross Street School in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Mark wrote a musical for his elementary school inspired by the music of Phish!
You’ll get to hear a few of the songs that the children sang and get an exclusive interview with two of his students Emily and Emma.
Opening the podcast you will here the children sing Sparkle. You will get a little Character Zero midway through and the interview ends with the children singing More!
Afterwards Mark, Merry and her husband Justin, join Dawneebee for a great round of everybody’s favorite Phish game show Market Price hosted by Dawn’s husband Jason!

Here’s the link for the musical!

Check out Mark Filoramo’s Youtube page for more of his work at:

Mark’s band is called Talking in Technicolor. Check them out at:

Mark’s wife has a great pottery site with lots of Phishy pottery creations called Positive Pottery! Check it out at:

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  3. 12/1/92 Glide 0:00-1:00. Portland ME
  4. 8/1/04 Suzy Greenberg 0:00-1:00 Mansfield
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