Ep 2- Meet My Phriends

On Phemale Centrics we discuss all things Phish from a woman’s point of view. Join us as we interview female community members, play games like Old Phish, New Phish, and discuss the latest goings on in the Phish scene. Your host is Dawneebee and a rotating cast of her Phriends including Jillian, Kristie Meredith, and Nicole.

We’re part of the Osiris podcasting family. Osiris is a growing community of music and culture podcasts, connecting music fans with conversation, commentary and music. Osiris works in partnership with Relix, check them out for music news and information:

Listener submissions. Special thanks to PhishTracks!:

Kim-Centrics: Mike’s Song – http://www.phishtracks.com/shows/2000-07-14/mike-s-song
David-Centrics: Reba – http://www.phishtracks.com/shows/2015-07-24/reba
Julie-Centrics:: 2001 – http://www.phishtracks.com/shows/2012-06-17/also-sprach-zarathustra
Merry: Lizards – http://www.phishtracks.com/shows/2016-07-09/the-lizards



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