Ep 14- Mike Finoia- Comedian, Host of Amigos Podcast

Join us for a fun interview with Osiris’s newest pod-caster, comedian Mike Finoia! On Amigos podcast, Mike who is a stand-up comedian, producer for Impractical Jokers, and a self-proclaimed music freak invites friends, colleagues, and special guests from all walks of the entertainment world to discuss music, comedy, & everything in between. He also happens to be a huge Phish Head! With over 230 shows under his belt, Dawneebee, Kristie and Jason get into some great storytelling, including Mike’s incredible friendship with Ken Kesey. Join in after the interview for an exciting round of Market Price!!

Mike’s Podcast link

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Market Price songs:

  1. http://phishtracks.com/songs/mike-s-song
    5/23/2000 mikes song 0:00-1:00

  2. http://phishtracks.com/songs/esther
    8/11/93 Esther 1:40-2:40

  3. http://phishtracks.com/songs/axilla
    7/22/16 Axilla 0:45-1:45

  4. http://phishtracks.com/songs/theme-from-the-bottom
    5/28/11 theme from the bottom 7:45-8:45

  5. http://phishtracks.com/songs/saw-it-again
    7/25/18 saw it again 0:55-1:56

  6. http://phishtracks.com/songs/tweezer-reprise
    12/31/97 tweezer reprise 2:00-3:00