Season Two Trailer


Here’s a trailer for Season Two. The season will premiere on Tuesday, October 20, featuring John Oates. Season Two also features interviews with, and live performances from, Nicole Atkins, Calexico, MC Taylor (Hiss Golden Messenger), Larkin Poe, Alex Skolnick (Testament), Jessica Dobson (Deep Sea Diver) and many other amazing musicians.

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Each week, listeners hear about a new artist’s journey—from their first musical memory to the first paid gig, from the moment they realized a life in music was their path, to the obstacles they overcame along the way. Each guest shares stories from their journey, unveiling their creative process and what’s driving them towards the future. Episodes close with an exclusive live set featuring songs curated by the guest, inspired by the journey they’re on.  

Past, Present, Future, Live! is brought to you by Osiris Media. Hosted and Produced by RJ Bee. Executive Producers are Adam Caplan and Kirsten Cluthe. Production, Editing, Mixing, and original theme music by Brad Stratton. Show logo by Liz Bee Art & Design.  


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