Nicole Atkins


I feel like I’m kind of a collector, you know? I kind of go about my life and pick up all the things I like and then when the box becomes full, I combine all of those things in the box and make that my thing.” – Nicole Atkins

Throughout her career, Nicole Atkins’ musical approach has combined 50s-style crooning with psychedelia, soul, and 80’s punk, all of which help to create her truly unique sound. In this episode, she tells us about her writing process, the evolution of her sound, and what happened when Rick Rubin altered the course of her debut album, Neptune City. Nicole tells RJ about a life-altering moment when she ended up on stage with Donny and Marie, and explains why her latest album, Italian Ice, is an ode to summertime in New Jersey boardwalk towns.

At the end of the episode, you’ll hear Nicole perform stunning versions of her songs Forever, Captain and Mind Eraser.

Listeners of this show know that you can see performances videos from all of our Past, Present, Future, Live guests—but Nicole’s videos are gorgeous. You can watch the performance from the episode on the Osiris YouTube page and on the Osiris website.

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