Eric D. Johnson (Fruit Bats / Bonny Light Horseman)


This week’s guest is Eric D. Johnson, founder of Fruit Bats and a member of the supergroup Bonny Light Horseman. The new Fruit Bats album, The Pet Parade, comes out this week. 

Eric grew up in Chicago, and was signed by Sup Pop in 2001 after the release of his first record, Echolocation. He’s made 7 records as Fruit Bats, toured with The Shins for a few years, and has put out a solo album as well. We talked about his practical approach to his music career, the evolution of his music and songwriting, and how an opening slot for My Morning Jacket brought him back to Fruit Bats. 

After the interview, you’ll hear Eric play The Balcony, All in One Go, and Cub Pilot. You can see videos of all Past, Present, Future, Live! performances on our show page or on the Osiris Media YouTube Channel. And here’s a Spotify playlist from the episode.


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