Episode 8: Allman Betts Band

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On this episode, RJ talks with Devon Allman and Duane Betts of the Allman Betts Band about family history, musical chemistry, and their new record “Bless Your Heart” which comes out on August 28th.


After meeting as teenagers on the Allman Brothers Band anniversary tour in 1989, Devon and Duane went on to separately play in a range of bands spanning blues, roots, metal, and folk for almost 20 years. They reunited in 2017 and toured on a shared bill, which quickly evolved into writing songs together and the birth of a new group, the Allman Betts Band. Their sound, both live and on record, pays homage to Devon and Duane’s musical roots while adding their own distinct style to the family tree.


After the interview you’ll hear Devon and Duane perform Shinin, Norwegian Wood, and Magnolia Road. You can see videos of these and all other Past, Present, Future, Live! performances on the Osiris Media YouTube Channel


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