Episode 7: Alexandra Savior

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This week, RJ speaks with singer-songwriter Alexandra Savior about her new album “The Archer,” growing up in Portland, songwriting as therapy, and what’s next for her music while tour plans remain on hold.


Alexandra discusses her path from a 17 year old posting a cover song on Youtube to an 18 year old signed to Columbia Records and moving to LA to thrust herself into the music business. After co-writing her 2017 debut album “Belladonna of Sadness” with Alex Turner of The Arctic Monkeys, Alexandra took full creative control on “The Archer” and the result is a truly personal statement that feels like the starting point for everything that will follow.


After the interview you’ll hear Alexandra perform three songs off that record: “Crying All The Time”, “Soft Currents”, and “But You.” You can see videos of these and all other Past, Present, Future, Live! performances on the Osiris Media YouTube Channel.


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