Episode 4: Maggie Rose

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This week, host RJ Bee speaks with songwriter and musician Maggie Rose. Over a decade in Nashville, Maggie has amassed a growing fanbase with her powerful voice on stage, in the studio, and with her songwriting that challenges the sexist politics of country radio. For her 2018 album “Change the Whole Thing,” Maggie took control of her sound, assembling a band of her musical friends to make a powerful record that captures the soulful energy of her live performances. The album is both an achievement and the start of a new chapter for Maggie as she continues to reach new heights as a writer, singer, and bandleader. Here is the documentary that was made about the making of that album.

After the interview, you’ll hear Maggie performing her original song Help Myself, Shade (by Phish), and People Get Ready (by Curtis Mayfield). You can see videos of these and all Past, Present, Future, Live! exclusive live performances on the Osiris Media YouTube channel.

You’ll find original versions of these tracks, as well as other songs and artists mentioned in this episode, on our Past, Present, Future, Live! Spotify playlist (which you can also stream below).

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