Dave Dederer (The Presidents of the United States of America)


This week, we bring you an interview with Dave Dederer of The Presidents of the United States of America. Dave is best known for his work with the Presidents, who soared to the top of the charts in 1995 with their self-titled album that had the mega-hits “Lump” and “Peaches.” But the Presidents, and Dave, have a really interesting and rich history that we dig into. We talk about the Seattle alternative rock scene of the 1980s and 1990s that he was a part of, and the authenticity and fun that they were communicating at their high-energy shows.


We also discussed making it big, how they always took care of the business side of their music, and how Dave took this experience into the music industry. Dave talked about the changes in music and technology, and his thoughts on how bands now can succeed in a completely different environment.


After the interview, you’ll hear Dave perform I’d Have to Be Crazy and Moonlight In Vermont. You can see videos of this set and all other Past, Present, Future, Live! performances on our show page or on the Osiris Media YouTube Channel.


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