The Almost Familiar Podcast – Getting Familiar

This week on No Simple Road we’re stoked to bring you Wes and Elizabeth from The Almost Familiar Podcast! Almost Familiar is a show that asks the questions… is Pretty Lights the Phish of EDM? Is it possible to love Dubstep and Bluegrass? Have you ever called someone a wook or been called a wook yourself? Elizabeth Dreeson and Wes Johnson discuss the evolving landscape of what they call “neo-hippie music festival culture.” Wes and Elizabeth have witnessed firsthand this emergent subculture’s evolution over the last decade and are interested in looking at the past to make better sense of the present. In taking a look at the past they ran into No Simple Road and a friendship was born! We talk to these two amazing humans about the similarities and crossover between the Phish/Grateful Dead scene and the Pretty Lights Community, what their ‘turn-on’ moments were like for them, navigating the space of disconnection, and a whole lot more! Plus since this is a swapcast you’ll get to hear about the NSR crew’s ‘aha’ moment with Electronica at Summer Meltdown, the smell of burning shoes during a Tipper show, and what’s kept us on the bus all these years!

Give them a follow @almostfamiliarpod and check out their show everywhere podcasts stream!

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