No Simple Road’s Weekly Rewind Vol. 64

Catch up with the No Simple Road crew as they discuss everything from the music scene, family life, show recaps & reviews, spirituality, psychedelics, and everything in-between! We produce these episodes in collaboration with MELT PREMIUM MUSHROOM CHOCOLATES. Follow them on Instagram @meltmushrooms. DM them for info and let them know we sent you.

This week on the No Simple Road Weekly Rewind our Conductor bares his soul about some recent struggles he’s been facing and not talking about up until now. Sometimes we face things that seem to pile up, one after the other, and don’t give us time to integrate. The most important thing to remember is that simply talking these things through and getting them out of our heads and into the air is the beginning of the healing journey.

This is a Family conversation and you’re all welcome to a seat at our table.

INTRO MUSIC by Young & Sick

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