Kendall Street Company: Jake Vanaman & Ryan Wood – Strongest Decaf Ever

We are so stoked to have our friends Kendell Street Company as our guests on No Simple Road this week. We start things off with the whole crew at the NSR house and then a fantastic conversation with Jake (Sax and Keys) & Ryan (Drums). We talk to them about the cycles of creativity, what they have coming out soon, we get to hear them talk up their other bandmates, what their experiences on the road have been like, what their approach to taking the stage is like, and a bunch more!

Kendall Street Company is a jam-alt rock band based out of Charlottesville, Virginia. From late night jam sessions at the University of Virginia to main stages at venues and festivals throughout the country, Kendall Street Company has broken the mold of improvised rock and entered a world of jazz-grass infused psychedelic bliss. The band’s musical style embraces mind-altering riffs as well as soulful and jazzy wit, while remaining true to their folksy songwriting roots.

SONG AT THE BEGINNING OF THE INTERVIEW: ‘Crab Surprise’ off the new EP “Untitled California Project”

For info on their next shows, videos, and more with Kendell Street Company, head over to

Remember to hang out after the interview to catch up with the No Simple Road Crew!

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