Diggin Dirt – Dig This!

You’re in for a treat this week as No Simple Road brings you Diggin Dirt! The whole band joins us to talk about their humble beginnings in Norcal, channeling the muse in order find the sound, what “if you want the crowd to bleed, you gotta hemorrhage” means, what the road back to the stage looks like, and a whole lot more!

Diggin Dirt began planting its roots back in 2011 in the town of Arcata, CA in Humboldt County. The original lineup was a peanut butter and jammed out quintet that consisted of a double guitar rhythm section like no other, and a tenor saxophone…like no other. The original five (Rory Urquhart, Joey Incorvaia, Drew Weitzel, John Callahan and Aaron Gottesman) had high hopes of getting house party gigs and maybe one day performing on a stage. Many, many dreams later, the quintet became seven. As the band took pieces from each chapter and kept moving forward, all the while staying anchored to the heavy groove element that Diggin Dirt has become known for, they began to search.​Dirt found its current form when it added a the soul man, Zach Alder, a Humboldt local. His commanding vocal element was a natural addition to the mix. The horn section rounded out its sound with the addition of Humboldt musician Tyler Martin on baritone saxophone.

Check out more on Diggin Dirt at: diggindirtband.com

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