187 – Beginning The Disruption With Jeff Firewalker Schmitt of Saint Disruption

We’re honored to have Jeff Firewalker Schmitt on No Simple Road this week! It’s not every day that No Simple Road can bring you an individual that at 14 had started college. By 15 he was running a research lab with a famous scientist and was being published in prestigious academic journals. Now, based in Asheville, NC, Jeff is a noted scientist, holds a PhD from Oxford, is a Chinese martial Arts expert, practices Peruvian Folk medicine and is one half of the new band Saint Disruption along with improvisational titan John Medeski (Medeski Martin & Wood). The two met in a chance encounter while both in the Amazon jungle. Jeff holds a long list of musical collaborators from the former King Crimson drummer Michael Giles to spoken-word poet Cactus to REM’s producer Mitch Easter. Schmitt is also a founding member of the Wheel Theater Company led by Juilliard and Moscow Art Theater artist Felix Ivanov.

We get into his chance meeting with Medeski in the jungle, how synchronicity and connection played a huge part in the creation of Saint Disruption, how he started on his extremely incredible path of learning and mysticism, and so much more I can’t even type it out! You have to just sit back and soak this one in. Headphones.. on and ready to have open ears!

For more on Saint Disruption head over to: www.saintdisruption.com

To find out more on Jeff Firewalker Schmitt and what he offers, head over to: www.eaglecondorcouncil.org

SONG AT THE BEGINNING OF THE EPISODE IS: ‘Stories (the birth of Saint Disruption)’ from the upcoming album.

SONG AT THE END OF THE EPISODE IS: ‘Painstorms‘ form the upcoming album.

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