Jim Campilongo


In this episode, Alex chats with guitarist Jim Campilongo, who has been called a “Master of the Telecaster”. Jim and Alex discuss what it means to be a musician in New York, their shared influences and how the standards of guitar playing have evolved, and Jim tells Alex about the time that he ended up walking home with Lou Reed after a gig. Jim then flips the script and asks Alex some questions, and shows Alex a few tricks that he uses to get his unique sound, including one inspired by Johnny Marr of The Smiths.


Billboard Magazine calls Jim Campilongo, “an American treasure”, an accolade this guitarist’s artistry and influential career has richly earned him. With seven albums of original material and guest appearances on dozens of recordings, he’s also a published guitar teacher and contributing editor for Guitar Player Magazine. Campilongo’s virtuosity and originality has inspired a generation of guitar players. His songwriting uses a palette of the best in Blues, Country, Jazz and Rock with a sensitivity and wit that has also earned him a broad and devoted fan base.


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