“We got the Beatles for 10 years, we got Led Zeppelin for 10 years, we got Jimi Hendrix for way less than that. We got Eddie Van Halen for more than 40 years, and so we really are lucky. It will never be enough, but man, we’re the lucky ones. We really are.” – Matt Blackett

In part two of this tribute to Eddie Van Halen, Alex welcomes Brad Tolinksi (author of “Play it Loud” and former editor-in-chief of Guitar World) and Matt Blackett (Formerly associate editor for Guitar Player) to discuss Eddie’s approach to playing, the expressiveness he was able to get out of his equipment, and the soulful swing that is the foundation of his musical legacy. Brad tells Alex about the time that he got to play Eddie’s Frankenstein guitar, and Alex breaks down some of the most infamous EVH licks (including something he describes as the “EVH Secret Quintuplet”).

Mentioned in this episode:

Van Halen tracks

“Somebody Get Me a Doctor” 

“I’m The One”

“So ThIs Is Love”

“Ice Cream Man”

“Feel Your Love Tonight”

“Big Bad Bill”


MXR Phase 90 Phaser Pedal

Jean-Luc Ponty’s “Enigmatic Ocean III” with Allan Holdsworth 

“Beat It” 

Wolfgang Van Halen’s song (and video) for EVH


Music mentioned in the episode, along with some of Alex’s favorite Van Halen tracks, can be heard on the Moods & Modes Spotify playlist.