Best Of Moods & Modes: Guitar Rescue

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While Alex is out on the road with Testament and the Bay Strikes Back Tour, we thought we’d take you on a journey back to the early days of Moods & Modes. This week, we begin with the vey first episode, which was released in July 2020.


Alex visits Matt Umanov of Matt Umanov Guitars, a legendary guitar shop in New York City. Matt is a guitar dealer and repairman who’s been a fixture in Greenwich Village since the late 1960s and whose regular clients include the likes of Eric Clapton and Pat Metheny. Matt shares some great stories about some of his most notable customers, including an unlikely connection between Pat Metheny and J. Geils, and the two discuss the nightmare repair job that has brought Alex to the shop.


Stay tuned for upcoming Best Of episodes, including Carnatic Crash Course with guest Guitar Prasanna (5/17), and a tribute to Peter Green (of Fleetwood Mac) Part 1 (5/24) and Part 2 (5/31).


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