Episode 3: Are Robots the new Songwriters?

Episode 3, Are Robots the new Songwriters?, explores where music technology is headed. We consider whether robots are taking over and if AI can really simulate or even replace human creativity. The episode jumps into the streaming wars, and how in-home voice tech has impacted our listening habits. Amar moves on to discuss how changes in music have led to changes in technology for the live experience, and how that has further affected our tastes as listeners – the key example being the uptick in bass-heavy beats in pop, hip hop, and EDM. This leads into the discussion about the relationship of music to our physiology, and how tech apps and musicians are already or might in the future take advantage of that, like running apps that match music to your heart rate, or the idea that an artist could “think” a beat or a melody into existence.

In this episode, we hear from Aron Magner and Jon Barber of the Disco Biscuits, Steve Martocci of Splice, Cherie Hu, music and tech writer, Andrew Sparkler of Downtown Music, and Andy Weissman, managing partner at Union Square Ventures.

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