Episode 1: Fall of the Gatekeepers


The first episode of Let Creativity Flow focuses on a modern way musical hits are made, how gatekeepers in music have changed, and why computers are the most important musical instrument today. 

Interviewees include Andy Weissman of Union Square Ventures, Steve Martocci of Splice, journalist Cherie Hu and Andrew Sparkler of Downtown Music. 

Let Creativity Flow is produced by Osiris Media and brought to you by Splice, a music creator marketplace for samples and software. Visit our website to learn more and to see a special offer for listeners of this podcast. This episode is written by Amar Sastry, and edited and mastered by Revoice Media. Many thanks to our interviewees—Steve Martocci, Cherie Hu, Andy Weissman, Andrew Sparkler, Aron Magner and Jon Barber.

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