Van Morrison – Latest Record Project Volume 1


The long, strange career of Van Morrison has given the hosts of Late Era plenty to talk about, and on this very special episode, we discuss his uncommonly topical new album. Latest Record Project Volume 1 is a 28-track, two-hour dump of anti-lockdown protest songs, soulless blues vamps, and unfiltered rants that range from alt-right conspiracy theories to bitter musings about his ex-wife. An abysmal document of an aging artist’s worst tendencies, it inspires the Late Era boys to pose a stirring series of questions: How did we get here? What is he even going for? What do we do with our legacy artists after they release something like this? What does it really mean to have the blues? Like detectives on the case, Late Era gets to the bottom of things: It’s not always pretty but we get the job done.


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