What are some of the biggest left turns from prominent artists over the past sixty years? Why did they make these records? Are there some misunderstood gems to appreciate? The vault is stocked—from Billy Joel going classical to Joni Mitchell experimenting with synth to Miles Davis doing hip hop.

Hosted by Andy Cush (Garcia Peoples, Pitchfork), Sam Sodomsky (The Bird Calls, Pitchfork), and Winston Cook-Wilson (Office Culture, SPIN, Pitchfork), this new series will chronicle single late era records from prominent artists, breaking down the historical context of each album, diving into individual tracks, and exploring the larger impact of the record on the artist’s legacy.

Late Era is brought to you by Osiris Media. Created by Andy Cush, Sam Sodomsky and Winston Cook-Wilson. Executive Producer is Brian Brinkman. Show logo by Liz Bee Art & Design. To discover more podcasts that help you connect more deeply to the music you love, check out


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