Episode Six: Jethro Tull – J-Tull Dot Com

We’ve spent a lot of time this season with artists and albums we genuinely love. This episode is something different. We’re digging into Jethro Tull’s final album of original material to date, 1999’s J-Tull Dot Com, whose title also served as an advertisement for the band’s then-new official website. A perversely wonderful artifact of its time, it features occasional lyrics about e-mail, tons of flute solos (naturally) a Donald Trump reference, and one of the most heinous album covers ever released.


Late Era is hosted by Andy Cush (Garcia Peoples, Pitchfork), Sam Sodomsky (The Bird Calls, Pitchfork, Various Publications), and Winston Cook-Wilson (Office Culture, Winston C.W., Various Publications).


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