Episode Four: Joni Mitchell – Taming The Tiger


In Episode Four the gang digs into Joni Mitchell’s 16th studio album, 1998’s ‘Taming the Tiger,’ a beautiful record that’s not quite like any other in her catalog. Around this time, Mitchell was experimenting with a new guitar that allowed her to control synthesizers with the instrument, complimenting her idiosyncratic playing with washes of electronic ambience. It’s like the sprawling sound of her 1976 classic ‘Hejira,’ updated for a decade of strip malls and ‘Pure Moods’: slick but soulful, meditative but modern, infused throughout with the melodic inventions and poetic observations that make her one of the greatest songwriters of all time. 

Late Era is hosted by Andy Cush (Garcia Peoples, Pitchfork), Sam Sodomsky (The Bird Calls, Pitchfork, Various Publications), and Winston Cook-Wilson (Office Culture, SPIN, Pitchfork).

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